ATM/Debit Cards Q & A
Q: How does it work for purchases?
A: When you are ready to buy something, just tell the clerk you wish to pay with VISA. They'll either ask you credit or debit or the card swipe machine will direct you to choose debit or credit. If you choose debit you'll be required to key in your (PIN) and then you will be given a receipt. If you choose credit, once the transaction is complete, you sign a receipt and get a copy for your records. Then the funds will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account.
Q: Does it matter if I choose debit or credit?
A: Whatever way you choose the money is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.
Q: How do I keep track of my purchases?
A: Whenever you use your card you'll get a receipt, just like at the ATM. Save the receipts and record them in your check register. If you use eBanking, the transactions will show up in your account history.
Q: Why is my PIN (personal identification number) so important?
A: If someone knows your PIN and steals your card they can withdraw all the money in your checking account. Do not store your written PIN with your card!
Q: Can I change my PIN?
A: Yes, come into our Romeoville or Woodridge branches and you can change your PIN to something more memorable to you
Q: What is my liability if my card is lost or stolen?
A: Your liability for the Visa ATM/Debit card is limited to $50 if you notify both Visa and ACU within two (2) business days of the loss or theft. Failure to notify within two (2) business days may result in losses up to $500.
Q: How do I contact Visa if my debit or credit card is lost, stolen or for unauthorized use?
A: Call 24 hours per day 7 days a week
Debit Cards: 1-800-472-3272
Credit Cards: 1-844-546-8215


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