You're making money and you're spending it. Now you can manage it with a checking account that you create.

Choose 3 bonus items to add to all the great standard stuff spendIT checking offers.

Yearly Bonus Stuff (Pick 3)  
Free unlimited ATM transactions from Abri
(may be fee'd by other ATM owners)
10 cents back on every debit card purchase you sign for
Discounted overdraft fees - pay only $15 per overdraft instead of $31 $25 deposit one year after account opening date
(must have 25 transactions per year to get $25)
.25% APR discount on a new loan
(may not be combined with other offers)
Free box of standard checks or $9.00 off
your custom check order
Standard Stuff  
Free ATM/Debit card No minimum balance
Free overdraft protection Thousands of ATMS with no surcharge
(get 3 free from Abri per month)
Free e-statements Free eBanking & bill pay*
*If you don’t pay any bills through ACU bill pay in a month, you’ll have a fee of $6.75.

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