ATM/Debit Cards

Buy things and get cash using the money in your checking account with an ATM/Debit card. It's easy to use and gives you 24 hour access to your money. Plus, get 10 cents back on every debit card purchase you sign for – pick this bonus when you open spendIT checking.

How do I get cash? Check out all of these ways!
Use one of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs
anytime with no fee from the owner OR
  Use any ATM up to 3 times a month with no fee from us*, $1 will be charged for additional transactions OR
  Use ACU's Romeoville, Joliet or Woodridge ATM's for free anytime
  Choose unlimited ATM transactions from ACU*
with your spendIT Checking account OR
  Get cash back when using the card at a store to make a purchase
(where available). This is a great way to avoid fees!
Do I need a
checking account?
Yes. The money is pulled from this account when you use your ATM/Debit card.
How much cash can I
get from an ATM?
Up to $600 of your available balance each day
How do I use the card
to buy stuff?
Swipe your card anywhere Visa is accepted, then use your PINor sign your name to complete the transaction.
Am I limited on how many times I can use my card? No, but you must have money in your checking account to
pay for the purchase or withdrawal at an ATM.


* If other ATM owners charge a fee, you will have to pay it and the fee will be listed on your statement.

Visa ATM/Debit cards are only available with a spendIT Checking account. Once your application is received your card will arrive in 10-14 days, followed by your PIN a few days later so watch your mail carefully!

monthly income
allowance, jobs, gifts
monthly expenses  
food $
clothes $
entertainment $
transportation $
phone, hobbies, sports
savings $
what's left $

Apply for an ATM/Debit Card online!