ATM/Debit Safety Tips

We encourage you to use caution when using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Consider the following tips to protect yourself and your account.

  1. Prepare your transaction(s) before going to the ATM to minimize the time you spend at the ATM
  2. Always take your receipt and save them to use when recording your transactions
  3. Compare your receipt(s) with your account statement
  4. Don’t lend your ATM card to anyone
  5. Remember, do not leave your card at the ATM
  6. Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and ATM/Debit Card
  7. Protect your ATM card as though it was cash
  8. Don’t tell anyone your PIN
  9. Don’t give anyone information regarding your ATM card or PIN over the phone.
  10. Never enter your PIN at an ATM that does not look real, has been modified, has a suspicious device attached, or is operating in a suspicious manner
  11. Don’t write your PIN where it can be discovered (a note with your PIN in your pursue or wallet is not a good thing)
  12. Prevent others from seeing you enter your PIN. Use your body to shield their view.
  13. If your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen, notify Visa & ACU immediately by calling:
    Visa - (800) 472-3272 (24-Hours a day - 7 days a week)
    ACU - (815) 267-7700 or (866) 469-6228 (during business hours)
    Please refer to our electronic funds transfer disclosure for additional information about what to do if your card is lost or stolen.
  14. When making a transaction, be aware of your surroundings. Look out for suspicious activity near the ATM, particularly if it is after sunset. At night, be sure that the facility, including parking area and walkways are well lighted. Consider having another person go with you when you use a walk up ATM at night. If you notice any problems, go to another ATM.
  15. Don’t accept help from anyone you don’t know when using an ATM.
  16. If you notice anything suspicious or if any other problem comes up after you have begun your transaction, you may want to cancel the transaction, pocket your card and leave. Consider using another ATM or coming back later.
  17. Don’t display your cash; pocket it as soon as possible. Count the cash later in a safe & secure place.
  18. At a drive up ATM, make sure all of your car doors are locked and the windows are rolled up, except the driver’s window. Keep the engine running and remain alert to your surroundings

We want the ATM to be safe and convenient for you. If you notice a problem with a facility please let us know. Please report any suspicious activity or crimes to both the facility operator and the local law enforcement officials immediately.     

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