Banking online is an easy way to keep track of your money. Check balances, transfer money between accounts, view statements and more, anytime - day or night with bankIT.

Got monthly bills to pay? Add payIT, the eService that makes paying bills on-time easy - no checks or stamps required.

  bankIT payIT
What can I do?
  • See your account balances
  • View detailed transactions & cleared checks
  • Transfer money
  • Make identify loan/credit card payments
  • Setup & view transfer history
  • Download account history into money management software
  • Send us secure email
  • Change your security information
  • View e-Statements, e-Notices & e-Tax Forms
  • Pay any bills
  • View payment history
  • Setup/change the merchants
    you want to pay
What's the cost? Free Free if used monthly,
$6.75 for each month not used
Can my parents deposit into my account? If your parents have an ACU account and are joint on your accounts, they can make deposits into your account(s).

Keep in mind that they will also see all of your transactions & balances
What bills
can I pay?
Identify loans/credit card only Any bills
How are
payments made?
Money is transferred from the Identify account you choose immediately or on the day you select. 2 day payments - made electronically
via ACH

5 day payments - a paper check is
mailed for you.
What do I need
to get started?
Sign Up
  • An Identify spendIT checking account
  • eBanking