eStatements let you see what’s happening with your money. They can be accessed on the online through e-Banking under the Accounts tab for each account anytime. Choosing electronic statements saves you time and paper. If you sign up for Online Banking, be sure to set up e-Statements to avoid the $3 print statement fee.

What's on my eStatement? A detailed list of transactions on each account
When are they delivered? 3rd business day of each month
You'll receive an email when it's ready
How often will I get one? Monthly with spendIT checking

Quarterly on savings accounts with no electronic deposits/withdrawals
How many statements are stored? 18 months
What's the cost? Free
What else is in eStatements?
  • e-Notices & e-Tax Forms
  • Download feature to use with money management software
  • Disclosures with your billing rights
  • FAQs