VISA online & eStatements

Visa Online is an easy way to keep track of spending on your chargeIT credit card. See your latest charges, pending transactions and payments online anytime 24/7. Add Visa eStatements for access to 24 months of electronic statements and the ability to make an immediate payment from any account. If you are enrolled in e-Banking, you can have direct access to your credit card by clicking on the Visa tile.

  Visa Online Visa eStatements
What's on it? Up-to-date activity:

  • Balance & Payment information
  • Available Credit
  • Pending transactions & more
Previous months activity:

  • Monthly balances & charges
  • Payment & due date
  • Option to make payments immediately
How often is it updated? Daily Monthly
You'll get an e-mail when it's ready
What's the cost? Free Free
How many statements
are stored?
Only current activity is available 24 months
What do I need
to get started?
Register Your Credit Card 1. Log in to Visa Online
2. Visit "Online Services"
3. In the "My Profile" box, click the "Enroll in e-Statements" link.
Things you should know about Visa e-Statements
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide after you register
  • You will continue to receive both a paper statement and an electronic statement for 2 months following enrollment. The third month you will only receive an email advising that your Visa e-Statement is ready for viewing.
  • Remember to review your statement activity at least monthly and schedule your payment immediately. View our current payment options